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School Information

Clyde Riggs Elementary School is located in south Portland, Sumner County, Tennessee, and serves students in grades K-5.  Portland lies 5 miles south of the TN/KY border in middle Tennessee and is 40 miles north of the state capital, Nashville.  The area served by the school is primarily rural with a city population of about 10,000.  An excellent rural road system and moderate climate are positive contributors for local industry because this enables them to draw a strong labor force from a wide geographic area.

Clyde Riggs  Elementary School has a long legacy of educational tradition with the first teacher being Martin Turner in 1817.  In 1866 Old Fullows Hall was built to serve grades 1-8.  The original 5 classrooms of Fountain Head School were built in 1952, with additions in 1967 and in 1974.  The name was changed in 1978 to Clyde Riggs Elementary School.

The school climate at Clyde Riggs Elementary is known to be a positive, child-centered atmosphere, a characteristic that is often missing in large or urban schools.  School pride is promoted through many avenues, and the phrase “a community of learners” may be heard to describe all who are involved with our school.  Clyde Riggs faculty and staff are a caring and professional group of individuals who bring much experience, dedication, and competency to their teaching and work with children.  It can be fairly stated that there is no school employee who does not have the best interest of the child at heart.  Our administrator's experience and support serve to create an attitude that we can lead our school to be the "best school" there is to be found.  There are 41 employees at Clyde Riggs School, including 1 administrator, 25 certified teachers, and 15 classified personnel.  All teachers are presently certified in the area they are teaching.  We are fortunate enough to have full time music, art, guidance, physical education, and library teachers.  Other certified teachers include a Title I teacher, a special education teacher, and a speech-language pathologist.  A school psychologist works at our school once every two weeks.  Clyde Riggs teachers follow state and county expectations for accountability.

Clyde Riggs Elementary students love to come to school!  It is evident by the smiles, hugs, hard work, and generally good behavior by most students that they are happy to be at Clyde Riggs.  There are many student-centered activities; such as:  Student of the Day, honor roll and citizenship recognition, Awards Day, mentoring programs, and provisions for needy children that all show our school’s commitment to give students top priority.  Students also receive invaluable learning experiences from special school programs such as our 4-H, Nutrition Council, Just Say No Club, Accelerated Reader, Red Ribbon Week Celebration activities, classroom plays, field trips, puppet shows, and special visitors from the community, just to name a few.  These programs all serve to compliment the school’s regular academic curriculum.  Music, art, library, guidance, and physical education are regularly instructed to all students.

Students receive instruction in reading, language, spelling, writing, math, science and social studies in each 7 hour instructional day.  More time is generally devoted to the instruction of math, reading, and language, but this varies slightly by grade level.  Each grade has an established homework practice.  Clyde Riggs continues to advance with technology.  There is now a computer in each classroom  with 3 of these being 21st century classrooms.  Additional computers include special education, guidance, Title I, Accelerated Reader, and a Tennessee Educational Network computer.   We have a mobile computer lab that moves from room to room and a computer lab that every class uses twice a week for Orchard instruction.  Teachers use the computers in a variety of ways to compliment students’ classroom instruction.

Student performance is assessed by many methods, including a variety of tests, performance-based areas, and observations.  Each teacher develops and communicates her particular grading policy to students and parents.  This individual policy falls within the ranges of the general county policy.  Students are administered the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (Terra Nova) evaluation each year in April.

Student enrollment currently ranges from 465 to 480 students.

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Clyde Riggs Elementary School

211 Fountain Head Road
Portland, Tennessee 37148-1632
Phone: 615-325-2391
Fax: 615-325-5315

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